Day 4, Week 5, Cycle 3


10 oz of chicken with mango salsa
3 scoop shake with fiber powder
6 oz of chicken with broth
1 scoop casein shake

The grand total on that is around 1000 or so calories with about 180 grams of protein. So, I didn’t mess anything up. Food cravings are hitting me hard though. I have such an odd desire of chicken and waffles, and I’ve never had that before.


Don't tempt me, bro

Baby, what do you do to me?


And since today is technically Wednesday, that means one thing


Annoying as fuck

And now I weigh…250, which the same weight that I was at the end of the previous diet cycle. Brb, killing myself.

Where I’ve been

I’ll admit it. I done goofed. I got bored with posting endlessly about all the chicken breasts I had been eating, so I put off the blog and eventually forgot about it. Well, I’m about to finish my third cycle of this diet, and my weight hasn’t budged from 250. Why? Because I haven’t been strict enough on my diet. My free meals would transform into a miniature feast, and it soon became common for me to have a little snack of a candy bar or two at the end of the day. In short, I backslide…hard.


Okay, so now what do I do?

Well, I just continue to diet and post here with the hopes that having to publicly record the details of my day to day eating will prevent anymore silliness to happen. In addition, I’m about to hit week 5 and a half on this diet (I started in the middle of the week on this one), and so I’m going to wrap up this diet cycle. I’m going to look at this last cycle as a learning experience. I’ve learned that

  • I’m still too fat for refeeds at this point. I’m currently around 26% or so bodyfat. So, the next cycle is going to be a category 3 diet, with only one free meal a week until I can prove not to binge on those
  • Although, it’s going to be a while on refeeds, eating 400 grams worth of carbs from mostly raisin bran is a bad idea
  • I do must of my binging/ cheating at night, so I’m going to go to bed earlier.
  • Working out makes me extremely hungry, which is probably the best time for my free meals
  • I’ll want to have a second free meal when I eat the first.
  • I’ve been trying to get a little stronger while on a huge caloric deficit. The results of this have been interesting. When you overreach, the biggest lifts, the squat and deadlift, start to decay while the smaller lifts, bench/ overhead press, still go strong. The fatigue will either hit you while warming up for a big lift , or the workset will just come to a halt. I’ll keep the training focused to maintenance.

So, there you have it. For some reason, I’m not looking forward to this diet break. I started gaining weight back quick on the last one, meaning I set the calories too high/ didn’t gauge the food right. That’s a post for a later. I don’t even want to think about it at the moment.


What I did/ate today


3 scoop whey shake w/ fiber powder (75 g of protein)

another shake (25g protein)

Free meal:

a big ass burger with onion rings and a bottle of orange soda


I have mixed feelings about the burger. It had about a pound of meat, and so I’m wondering if I overdid it. I looked up how many calories a pound of ground beef has, and…aw fuck. it’s roughly a 1000+ with a bunch of protein.



Press: 120x5x2

Power clean: 150x3x3

Squat: 275×5

The press felt good today, real good. By the time I was done, my abs felt very beat up. The clean were feeling real good too, until the last set. The biggest problem this session was a general sense of fatigue. I think I’ll stop trying to up the weight on the cleans since I felt dead after doing them. By the time I was getting ready to squat, I was done. I  wanted to squat 295x5x2 today, but as I finished the last warm up set, I was ready to head home.

I’m still alive

So…uh, I was posting things until I got attacked by lion. Okay, I didn’t get attacked by a lion; I was just lazy posting my diet and my progress. However, my recent crisis and lack of progress indicates that I gots to be honest. For that to happen, I need an audience. So, I’m starting the blog up again.

And yes, there will be a post tomorrow.

Week 4, Days 4 and 5

Wednesday 10/5

Wednesdays are Weekly Weigh-in Wednesdays. What did the scale says this time? 259. That’s huge. That’s nearly a 30 lb drop since I started this 4.5 weeks ago. I was hoping to end this cycle of RFL at 260 or lower, which put me at 25% body fat or lower. 25% body fat is a turning point for me in the diet because that means I’ll have to adjust a few things. For starters, I up my protein intake, and secondly, I replace one of my free meals with a 6-hour carbohydrate refeed. I like refeeds because I get to eat a bunch of carbs for 6 hours, like Captain Crunch, pasta, bread, etc.



12 ounces of chicken with salsa

Protein bar (I can’t have these on the diet because the carb/fat content, but I’m starting to crack)

Whey (Wednesday is kinda fuzzy but I know I ate enough protein)


Thursday 10/6

Thursday sucked. There was no water in my apartment for the first half of the day, so I couldn’t cook anything. On a side note, I went 12+ hours without eating without being aware of it.



Jerky and Protein bar (60 grams total, however the protein bars have a guilt indulgence)

5 scoop whey shake upon returning home


Week 4, Day 3


10 grams of fish oil

3 scoop whey shake with fiber powder and vitamin C powder.

32 ounce Powerade Zero

6 ounces of chicken breast smothered in salsa (I love salsa)

3 scoop whey shake


So, I tried a little bit at IF (intermittent fasting for those not in the know) by having my first shake around 10am and not eating again 11: 30 pm. The hunger was there, but it was very blunted. I don’t get hungry that much on the diet anymore, except if I’ve eaten a free meal recently. It could be due to the EC stack, or the fact that I’m really in the swing of things with this diet. Lyle describes that hunger goes completely for fatter individuals. I will note that I get headaches or light headed sometimes, which I’m associating with dehydration or sodium/potassium imbalance.


Tomorrow’s Weekly Weigh-in Wednesday!

Week 4, Day 2

Free meal day!

Free meals, on this diet at least, are a heavenly experience. It seriously feels like you just had sex afterward. Huh, maybe this whole food/sex feeling could be the reason why I’m so fat. Any who, here’s what I ate.


3 scoop shake (75 grams of protein)

glucose tablet (prior to training) gatorade (during training)

Free meal: Hamburger and some type of delicious fried chicken sandwich

a dove bar (me falling off the wagon)

a turkey burger with a salad

2 scoop shake

So, that big free meal set off more cheating later. I probably shouldn’t have had two sandwiches, and the reason I had two was because the place I ordered out from had a $15 minimum. Pretty jelly-dick stuff here. I had a powerful headache later on in the day and, for some odd reason, was craving ground turkey. I ate it  and immediately felt better. No clue.

Well, I’ve learned that my mind/body will want to shift into fatfuck eating mode if I let it, so this is something to be mindful of at all times.


SQ 280x5x2

PC 140x3x3

Press 125×5,125×4,105×3

RDL/Row 135×5

Aside from the press, everything has been feeling good, My abs just have a hard time keep tight under a load. 125 is baby weight, and I’ve done more. I’m not sure why this diet is negatively affecting my press so much. I’m experimenting with back off sets to practice form. I do know that my abs feel pretty beat up after pressing.

In the beginning, there was jackedness..

This is the introductory post. I’m telling you why I want to omega jacked. I grew up fat, and despite a brief hiatus from being obese, become a fat adult. I don’t know what it’s like to have a flat stomach or abs. Every social experience has had me sucking in my gut or repositioning my stomach as to camouflage, like some type of fat ninjutsu. Every wardrobe decision I make is based on how best I can defy the laws of mass and matter. In short, I was living a sham, and not the fun kind that involved hidden Swiss bank accounts and harems of attractive women.


I decided that after many failed attempts, the biggest problem wasn’t my thyroid, genes, diets, etc; it was me. I lacked structure in my diet, in my work outs, in myself. So, we’re starting from scratch. Everything will a purpose and a design.


The Plan

I’ll be following Lyle McDonald’s Rapid Fat Loss Diet until I hit 15% body fat. I’m a little over 25% right now, so that’s a good 10% body fat I’ll looking to shed. From there, I’ll be following a more moderate diet to get from 15 to 10% body fat. According to my calculations, I’ll be around 15% at 225 , and 10% at 213 or so.


My Progress

I started this diet at a very bloated 285 and currently weigh around 266, give or take some water weight. Today is the start of the fourth week of this diet. If you want to know more about the diet,  visit Lyle’s site or check out the book.

The Rules

  • I eat around 190-200 grams of protein a day, most of it coming from whey shakes, cottage cheese, and chicken breasts. According to Lyle, I have as much non-starchy vegetables, salsa, diet pop, and coffee as I want. (Within reason, no chugging bottles of salsa)
  • At my body fat percentage, I get 2 free meals a week. I’m saving those for after my workouts.
  • Speaking of working out, I’m doing two full body workouts a week. Monday has me squatting and pressing/benching, along with RDLs or rows if I got any stem left. Friday has me deadlifting and pressing/benching. The goal here is just to make sure my number don’t go down. There’ll be plenty of time to bulk when I don’t like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man from The Ghostbusters. 
  • This diet will have me around a 1500-2000 calorie deficit, so I’ll need supplements for vitamins and minerals This will include a multivitamin, calcium, 10 grams of fish oil, magnesium, and sodium and potassium (in the form of Morton’s salt lite.)
  • I’m to take a 2 week diet break every 6 weeks or so according to the guidelines of the diet. This is prevent against metabolic slowdown/ homicide.
  • No cardio, other than just walking around. I have a hard enough recovering as it.
I'm not fat, I'm BULKING!



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